Lights Up Canada / Trinity Rescue Tools and Equipment:

Lights Up Canada , a division of Trinity Rescue Tools and Equipment provides product consulting / sales / support for portable rescue tools, rescue equipment and fire suppression and lighting. We are a Canadian owned and operated
business located in North Vancouver British Columbia.

Our lighting is supplied to us by: Airstar Space Lighting.

Airstar is a diversified lighting company, focused on improving your projects through timely innovations. As a world
leader in lighting balloons, Airstar integrates technologies and design into project-centric solutions, based on
fundamental customer insights.

Our unique and proprietary industrial lighting technology is durable, mobile and provides 360 of high quality, glare-free light with a very small footprint. Lights dramatically increase the level of workplace safety and productivity.

These lighting systems are dramatically increasing the levels of safety and productivity for Canadian Industry and Construction and these systems are now the lighting of choice for the Alberta Oil Sands projects. Light, mobile, yet extremely powerful, these lights are also the most energy efficient lighting systems available today.
Lighting Features:

Increased safety
increased productivity
No glare
No shadows

Available in: 600-1000-1000ht-3000-4000 Watt lighting.
300 watt portable coming soon.

   Lights supplied by:


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